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    All Hit-air apparels are designed to provide protection for the neck, back, chest and hip (tail bone). These models are especially light weight, cool and more comfortable than the competing brand. It is also much quieter when deployed, making it much less likely to spook the horse during an unintended deployment.
  • Hit-Air South Africa Motorcycle

    All jackets are of high quality materials and have CE approved elbow and shoulder armour and back padding. The construction of the jackets is much stronger than most existing jackets as the materials and stitching have to cope with the rapid and forceful action of the airbag inflation. Compared with existing jackets too, the abrasion resistance is increased due to the additional layers and qualities of the airbag and its protective sleeve materials.
  • Tipperary Equestrian Helmets

    The ASTM-SEI certified Tipperary Sportage Helmet include integrated ventilation that makes it the most comfortable and one of the lightest helmets on the market. Made of lightweight, high density ABS material that has superior resistance to high impact. Returning is the functional low profile, drop back shell for increased protection and a secure fit reducing helmet rotation with and the added feature of a reflective band for safer rides in low light conditions. The helmet's ventilation system has increased airflow for a cooler, more comfortable ride. The harness is made of black, soft touch leather with reinforced nylon. Visor is a soft rubberized, low profile flexible visor.
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    Our online store features quality safety products. HitAir.co.za provide the industry with quick service anywhere in South Africa, with arguably best products available online. We offer the speediest delivery, direct to your doorstep, Post box or Post Office!The Hit Air airbag product line has been proven, tested and awarded. It is being sold successfully in Asia, America, Australia, Germany, France and the UK.
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Hit Air is a jacket or a vest that protects you from any fall off a motorbike, horse, quad bike and other fast moving object. This ‘human air bag’ prevents you from hurting/ breaking any vital organs or spinal cord. Why take the chance?

In South Africa it is stated that 60% of horse riders incur injuries from riding accidents. Many from schooling at their own home arena. Some injuries are the typical bruises and sprains but often not; ending up either in spinal cord injuries, broken bones or worse.

The concept is so simple, the vest/jacket is easily adjustable, extremely lightweight, and very comfortable and most importantly has a built in airbag that is activated if you fall, and it even has spare pockets to carry your mobile phone and keys!

Key benefits of hit-air

  • Effective for all horse riding disciplines and motor activities!
  • Or just for training or breaking in horses.
  • A second skin – Lightweight and flexible.
  • Hi Tec wicking materials used
  • Easily adjustable (on the move) and washable!
  • Superior cushioning if/when you fall
  • Re-usable
  • Extra pockets for mobile phone, keys, money or driver's license.

The dilemma about this vest is not “should I wear this?”, it should be “Why wouldn’t I wear this vest?” Its exactly like wearing your helmet to ride, its a necessity to protect your head, why not protect your vital organs and spinal cord too?

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